Want to contribute?

Well, as you already know the site has been a bit dark for a while… To be honest with you, I blame the lack of posting on the arrival of twins to my family! My wife Jenny and I are so in love with this kids that it has been hard to find the time to do ANYTHING!

If there is anyone out there that is interested in contributing to the site, please let me know.

About Joe

I have been playing Cadaco All Star Baseball since before I knew what numbers were! ... After creating hundreds of discs, several original designs for stadiums and helping to brainstorm goofy additions to the game, I would LOVE to hear what YOU are doing with the game. My hope is to build a long lasting web community with a growing set of cool online ASB features!
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  1. Charlie says:

    Let’s get it back guys n gals this is a great game blows any video game away you keep stats oh well I do . I am so glad I found this game again .

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