Where to buy All-Star Baseball

602536_505221259496857_1296306110_nThere are many ways to get your hands on Cadaco All-Star Baseball. Antique stores, garage sales, and thrift stores sometimes have copies, but eBay is your best sure fire bet for success.

If you have a version that you would like to sell, please post below and I am sure it will find a good home!

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  1. Dan Walsh says:

    All original 1957

    • Jim Wilkening says:

      Use to play when I was a child in Chicago. Played for over 50 yrs. Thinking of restarting now at 74. Depends on cost and construction of games and disk. Thank you Does not except my e-maIL PHONE 623-536-1492

  2. Bob Upshaw says:

    I’ve been playing my game of All Star Baseball for over 40 years because I enjoy it and when I was working it let me relax. I have had 3 full game sets, all bought in the 50’s and 60’s. I seem to have most of the all time stars, 4 Babe Ruths for instance. I think this will be a fun site to get players I don’t have. I’d like to get three players I see listed on the players list. the three I would like are Goose Goslin, Faris Fain. and Ethan Allen. I’m building a team of players with odd names. Thank you.



  3. Brian Perris says:

    I recently became the owner of a 1966 version Set 163 and would love to find a good home for it. The box is a bit beat up but the cards are in good shape with one having some tape on it.

  4. Robert A DiClaudio says:

    My brother and I started playing ASB back in the mid 1960’s. We were so in to it, we use to keep records of every players bat with regular score cards they use in the major ladies Leagues. He was the American League and I was the National. Then we would play our World Series. I am just now getting back into ASB. I look forward talking to some people who are now into playing ASB.

  5. Ron Pfeiffer says:

    I am looking for a copy of this game in order to play in a large league . WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GET THE GAME. If youhave a copy to sell I might be interested in purchasing the game from you

  6. I would like to purchase more current all star disk from 2011 up to 2015, if they are in stock .

  7. Rick says:

    How do I get a game?

  8. Doug Unkel says:

    I have a total of about 15 All Star Baseball gages in various conditions. This includes at least two from the 1940s, two different Hall of Fame editions etc. A total of about 1,500 player cards. I had consolidated all the cards into a large number of teams and thus most are separated from their original game. I would like to find a buyer for what is a wonderful collection.

  9. Will Loesch says:

    Somewhat intrigued…bought this game back in 1955 and assembled around 400 disks. Went into the Army and Mom tossed the game out. Have repurchased this game. Would like a list of your disks, if I may, along with your prices…

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