Cadaco ASB Rules

1 . The Manager of the visiting team places his entire batting order under the “At Bat” Spinner, with the head of the batting order on top. The batter spins and refers to the Batting Key. (When a Batter’s turn at bat is over, that disc is placed at the bottom of the “At Bat” stack face up.)

2. FIELDING K-O DIAL: When the Batter hits a single, flyball, or groundball, the manager of the opposing team spins the “At Bat” Spinner and refers to the Fielding K-O dial (on the outer rim of the “At BAt” spinner.) He then refers to the K-O Dial Key on the Scoreboard for the fielding results. Example: Home Team Batter hits a Fly Ball. Visiting Team Manager spins an “N” on the K-O Dial. He refers to the K-O Key under I Fly Ball “N” and learns that the batter flied out and baserunners do not advance.

3. STRATEGY PLAYS: Have more fun playing All Star Baseball by becoming familiar with strategy plays. Use of these plays brings a better understanding of “Inside Baseball”.

• A-E and F-J Strategy Disc. When one or more Runners are on base the manager may order a single steal, doublesteal, the hit and run, etc. In this case the A-E or F-J Disc isused on the “At Bat” Spinner, atop the batter. The Result of the play is found by referring to the keys marked A-E or F-J on the scoreboard. Of course the Batter who is upreceives credit for the result of the play.

• Intentional Pass. It is permissible to purposely pass or walk a Batter, but the manager of the Fielding team MUST say “Walk Him”, or “Intentional Pass” before the “At Bat” spinner is used.

4. Play proceeds as in regular Baseball: 3Outs per team to an inning, 9 Innings to a game (unless extra innings are required). Scores are kept on Score Pads.

3 Responses to Cadaco ASB Rules

  1. christi says:

    Where can I get the Keys…I have the spinner, the cards but no key… I’m also missing a player as well.

  2. Rich Blackwell says:

    I recently received a All-Star game as a gift. I had the game as a youth in the early 50s.

    The version I now have is copyright 1955.

    I am missing one F-J disc an both of the “K-P” discs.

    Am I able to get those Discs?


    • Rich Blackwell says:

      Sorry, I just realized that the K-P is embedded in the board. As I said, I have not played the game since probably 1953.


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