About Cadaco All-Star Baseball

Produced for over 50 years, Cadaco’s All-Star Baseball has been a family favorite for over a half century. At it’s core it isn’t the most statistically deep game, but it does a pretty remarkable job of depicting an actual player’s performance from a hitter’s point of view. All-Star Baseball can be taught in less than 5 minutes and a 9 innings can be played in about 30-50 minutes depending on the quality of the teams. This makes Cadaco’s All-Star Baseball an excellent introduction to baseball for children and a blast for adults!

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  1. Martin S. Rittenberg says:

    I am looking for an All-Star baseball board game for my grandsons that is a later edition than 1991. My grandsons have been collecting baseball cards of current vintage. Is there one available?

    M. Rittenberg

  2. Martin S. Rittenberg says:

    I am looking or an All-Star baseball board game for my 9-yr. old grandsons who have begun to collect baseball cards of current vintage players. Is there an All-Star board game of later vintaqge than the 1991edition that is offered?


  3. H Roca says:

    Is there any way you could send via email the “cadaco” Dice game.
    I no longer have the Cadaco Game and would like to play using the dice method.
    Many thanks

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