Free Player Discs

It is not REQUIRED, but if you feel the need:

If you don’t see what you want in the list, simply leave a comment below and let me know who you want!

Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Career Players:
Dick Allen, Hank Aaron, Ethan Allen
Cap Anson, Roberto Alomar, Luke Appling
Jeff Bagwell, Earl Averill, Sal Bando
Albert (Joey) Belle, Ernie Banks, Johnny Bench
Craig Biggio, Yogi Berra, Max Bishop
Barry Bonds, Wade Boggs, Bobby Bonilla
Ken Boyer, Lou Boudreau, Roger Bresnahan
Lou Brock, George Brett, Dan Brouthers
Rod Carew, Roy Campanella, Gary Carter
Ron Cey, Orlando Cepeda, Will Clark
Ty Cobb, Mickey Cochrane, Roberto Clemente
Eddie Collins, Rocky Colivito, Joe Cronin
Kiki Cuyler, Roy Cullenbine, Eric Davis
Andre Dawson, Jody Davis, Ed Delahanty
Dom DiMaggio, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio
Hugh Duffy, Bobby Doerr, Lenny Dykstra
Joe Ewing, Darrell Evans, Faris Fain
Rick Ferrell, Tony Fernandez, Carlton Fisk
Frankie Frisch, Jimmie Foxx, Steve Garvey
Charlie Gehringer, Lou Gehrig, Juan Gonzalez
Goose Goslin, Hank Greenberg, Joe Gordon
Billy Hamilton, Tony Gwynn, Gabby Hartnett
Rickey Henderson, Harry Heilmann, Keith Hernandez
Gil Hodges, Pinky Higgins, Bob Horner
Elston Howard, Rogers Hornsby, Kent Hrbek
Reggie Jackson, Joe Jackson, Jackie Jensen
Bill Joyce, Eddie Joost, Al Kaline
Posted: Jan 23th, 2013
Killebrew, Keller, Kell, Lajoie, Kruk
Kiner, Mantle, Jynn, Madlock, Larkin
McCovey, E. Martinez, Mays, Mattingly, E. Mathews
McGraw, McGee, Mize, McGwire (86-94), McGwire
Murry, Munson, Morgan, Molitor, Musial
Posted: Dec 22nd, 2013
Olerud, T. Phillips, Pesky, Ott, P. O’Neill
Piazza, Randolph, Puckett, Powell, Porter
Reese, B, Robinson, Rizzuto, Ripken, Rice
F. Robinson, Sandberg, Salmon, Rose, J. Robinson

Posted: July 16th, 2011 – Wall Street Journal Set: This is a special set of solid picture discs that were featured in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, July 17th. (No hole in the middle of the disc making them non-compatible with the 1950’s version game boards)

Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Single Season Players:
Coming Soon

Contributions from other disc makers:
Posted: Sept 7th, 2011 – Dan Heyvaert Disc Set (1960’s style non punch-out discs and layout):
This is a set consisting of Rocky Colavito (vs right & left handed pitchers), Roberto Alomar (switch hitter discs), Carlos Beltran (switch hitter discs), Lance Berkman (switch hitter discs), several seasons of Ernie Banks (vs right & left handed pitchers), and several seasons of Mookie Wilson (vs right & left handed pitchers)

AE – FJ Strategy disc:
Posted: May 10th, 2012 – Scan from the 1980’s version

Other cool stuff for Cadaco All-Star Baseball:

ASBL Official Scorecard

ASBL Draft Field

ASB Player Calculator

87 Responses to Free Player Discs

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  2. Frank Ozbun says:

    Outstanding job on discs.
    Thank you very much.
    Website on face book is excellent.

  3. William Dube says:

    Discs are great! It seems as though I am only able to download the first three players from the Red Sox list.Is this by design, or am I missing a trick? Thank You!

  4. Rick Bair says:

    Thanks for the disks, the base on balls seem quite big on most cards. Also, Al Kaline played Right Field not left field.
    Nice mix of players past and present.

  5. Joe Bonk says:

    Im interested in obtaining the disks as a gift for my nephew. Can you advise how I can obtain the disks? Thanks!



    Player discs are awesome. What about players K-Z? Your list stops at Kaline.


  7. JEFF WARD says:

    Great Discs!!! Looking for player discs for FRANK THOMAS, MIKE SCHIMDT, BABE RUTH, BILLY WILLIAMS, KEN GRIFFEY JR., ROBIN VENTURA, MICKY TETTLETON, TONY OLIVA, MARK MCGWIRE, ELLIS BURKS, NOMAR GARCIPARRA, just to name a few. I copied all the Discs on this website as well as as the ones on your Facebook Page. Thanks!!!!

  8. JEFF WARD says:

    Did you make an All -Time Tigers team?

  9. Joe says:

    Hello all! THANKS for commenting! I love to hear what people think of the discs I create! … I will be updating the list with new players as often as possible (suggestions are accepted).

    I also have a TON of single season “juggernaut” all-franchise teams that I will begin to post (full color and REALLY good looking discs with team logos) … From the comments here and on Facebook, it looks like the Yanks, Red Sox and Tigers will be the top 3 …

    • paul says:

      Looking for a disc for Al Simmons (OF for the Phil A’s) Thanks!

    • william steiden says:

      Joe – you are a dedicated All-Star guy and thanks for the help you provide. I have made about 50 teams – for instance, 1930 Philadelphia Athletics, 1947 New York Yankees, 1908 Chicago Cubs…using the figures for that particular year. That way we can simulate a World Series – Tankees vs. Dodgers, 19421, for instance – and then compare the actual outcomes.
      Tell me if you use this math formula: TPA – IBB = TPA*
      Then say we have Mickey Cochrane from the 1930 A’s – 561 TPA*
      360/561 = .6417 Each PA equals .6417 of his season record.
      He hit 42 doubles, so 42 x .6417 = his double is 27 degrees on his disc.
      Another adjustment: GDP…often a player will hit a ground ball that would be a double play, but many times there are no runners on base, or perhaps a man on second and third only. How do you adjust for this? I have found that if you multiple the GIDP degree total by 3.47, you will get a better approximation of the DP [#2] actual result.
      FInally, the difference between a 13 and 7 single? On the orignal set (1941) the 13 was about the same as the 7; but in later editions it increased the size of the 13. In actuality, 51% of singles move the batter one base, and I see you have adjusted it to show about the same for the 13 and the 7. Great!
      Another fan said you might include more average players; that’s why I choose entire teams instead of literally having all superior (all-star) performers. Scores are too high when you have Dimaggio, Ruth and Cobb patrolling the outfield. You need average players, the occasional Mendozas, thrown into the mix, as well as genuine benchwarmers.
      Great to have a true ASB fan; and again, thatnks for your contribution.

      • Nick Panos says:


        You need to also subtract SH from TPA because a batter should not be penalized for giving up an AB for strategic purposes.

        Nick Panos

      • Frank Casseck says:

        Hi I was curious if you could email me a break-down of how the stats are graphed out on the discs. My father loves the game, but his mind is slipping and can no longer make them, and trying to desypher his notebooks is near impossible. Please let me know either way. Thanks

        Frank C.

  10. Patrick says:

    I’ve been playing the game since 1959 when I was given the game for Christmas. I’m in my 54 season 12 teams 100 games. Thanks for you love of the game. I already have all the plays on your site. I currently have 300 disc from 1954 my brothers game thur 1990.

  11. Warren VANDEWATER says:

    How about Don Bosch, Jerry Buchek and Ike Davis. Like non- star players to mix in.

    • Chester Crill says:

      Great! My teams MUST have no Hall of Famers because I prefer games with under 10 runs or say, 4 home runs or so instead of the astronomical scores you achieve with Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Hack Wilson in the outfield. I have 32 teams of “Mendozas” this season and the competition is fierce!

  12. Ryan says:

    You should do current players like Jeter, Harper, Trout etc.

  13. Ryan says:

    I can seem to download your Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Career Players. Is there a different way to do it?

  14. Ryan says:

    You should do Jackie Robinson.

  15. Stuart says:

    I love it, thanks for the work on the free discs! My grandfather first told me about the game he had in the 1940s back when I was a kid in the mid-80s. Then my parents got me the 1989 version, and I have to say I spent most of my high school years either playing ball, or playing that game! I don’t know where it is now, but I just picked up a 1968 version off ebay. Can’t wait. I have scooped up a few more lots of discs, too, and want to show my son how to play. What fun. Good site, keep up the great work and have fun!

    Oh yeah, please add the Cardinals to your list of teams to come out!

  16. Bob Hudson says:

    I had the 1949, 1950 and 1951 games. They are all gone with the times. I would like to have the discs and a spinner of one or all of these sets. all help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.


    I’ve been playing since 1960. Any chance of finding pitching disk produced by ELECTRONIC DESIGN CONCEPTS OF EL CAJON CALIFORNIA. I think they were part of disk for the greatest teams ever.The disks reproduced the pitching performance. Thanks Chuck

  18. Michael K. McCarthy says:

    GET ON WITH IT !!!!
    Seriously….great stuff, admit to wanting more.

    Babe Ruth Frank Thomas Zach Wheat Bo Jackson
    Tris Speaker Joe Mauer Jim Thome Phil Caveretta
    Honous Wagner Miguel Cabrera Mike Piazza Joe Pepitone
    Paul Waner Ichiro Suzuki Sammy Sosa Bill Buckner
    Hack Wilson Elmer Flick Ryne Sandberg * Roger Maris

    …… name but a few lol.
    2nd of 3 Generations playing ASB !

  19. Artie Farkas says:

    None of the PDF’s are displaying on my screen. Macbook pro. 2011. I just bought a 1968 game on ebay. It’s a start but I doubt I will ever find the Nap Lajoie from my game growing up. The card had two 7’s. So cool.

  20. john says:

    I have been playing All-Star Baseball since I was 10 years old, now 66. I have about 15 sets and traded for some. I haven’t played for some time but really like the old players wish could get the negro league players like Josh Gibson, Cool papa bell, Satchel Paige> I download all except the one with Jackie Robinson. I have a lot of pitcher like Vic Rashi, Christy Mathewson, Dizzy De, Warren Spann, and Bobby Shantz, just to mention a few . Thanks again needed Cap Anson, Joe Jackson, and Jimmy Foxx.

  21. Bob Upshaw says:

    How can I order some disc’s from you? How much will they cost for each? I would like 6 pitchers if you have them. Johnny Antonucci, Bob Welsh, Bob Lemon, Phil Niekro, Joe Niekro, and Sammy Sousa. Ok, so one isn’t a pitcher. Please let me know if these players are available and how much they’ll cost. Bob Upshaw (

  22. Vin says:

    Like so many people, I played this game religiously for years, then I passed my game to my brothers who kept the stats for many more games. I am 66 with a new family of young kids. My wife bought me the 1968 edition for Christmas this year which has a poor sampling of players. Thank you for posting all these players to download. Is there a place I can get pitchers My daughter(who is 7) and I just conducted a draft, played two games (which she won), and then talked about playing a double header tomorrow. Ted Williams is my all-time favorite spin player. any chance he will be in a group of future players?

  23. Dan says:

    There seem to be some broken links on the page … I got errors when trying to download “all players” and the fRobinson – jRobinson set. But thanks! This has been a big help in restoring a game I bought from a thrift store!

  24. william steiden says:

    What a joy for a seamhead like myself. I wasted many hundreds of hours every year making players and playing All Star Baseball with my friends. What elaborate leagues we had!
    A couple of questions: These discs represent lifetime achievements, right?
    I would hope you would post more PITCHERS. They were always in short supply (40 players and only eight pitchers in each year’s set).
    Thanks for your efforts. I still enjoy playing with my grandchildren; it is one game that is NOT electronic they all enjoy.



  26. Dan Heyvaert says:

    I noticed that some of you would like certain players. I love this game and would like to donate discs. I probably have what you want and would be willing to give you a few free discs like less than a hundred. Contact me through Facebook or Joe.

  27. Kevin says:

    My best friend growing up had a version from the late 70’s I’d imagine, but I am not certain what years they published the game, where is the best place to buy a game and what version would be best to introduce my sons to this great game?

    I would love to purchase discs for players from the 70’s/80’s as well as 90’s and current players for the kids if they still make new discs. In specific, I would like to find a Dwight Evans and Tom Glavine disc, regardless of game version.

    Thanks for any help you can offer and Kudo’s for keeping the light on such a great game from childhood.


  28. Darryl Eanos says:

    My son and I have been playing ASB all the time recently. There are players we’d like to be playing as they are our favorites and I can’t seem to find. Here is a list of players we”d like to play with: Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Zach Wheat, Al Simmons, Tris Speaker,Nomar Garciaparra, Ozzie Smith,

  29. Bill Christine says:

    Is it possible to play All-Star online? It seems to may I saw the Cadaco game online several years back. Thank you.

  30. bill lovell sr. says:

    i have never seen HERB WASHINGTON he played for the oakland A,S i would like to have his disc

  31. Robert A DiClaudio says:

    I don’t know if this website is still active as far comments go, but I’ll give it a try. There are a few guys I would like to get if possible they are the following players 1). Wes Covington: lf , 2). Cookie Rojas: ss , 3). Bob Friend: p, 4). Joey Jay: p, 5). Tony Gonzalas: cf

  32. will dehn says:

    Do you have a Tony Oliva, or George Sisler disc?


  33. John says:

    Last link with Rose, Robinson, etc. not working.

  34. Robert Caplinger says:

    Played hundreds of games if not a thousand, got my son into it and now getting my 7 yr old grandson into it this December, most of my games as teen (now 60 this December).
    Like that many card reprints and new ones here and boardgamegeek, will be looking for more to come.

  35. Thomas Todd says:

    Do your discs pertain to any particular years or they reprenentative of their lifetime statistics?

  36. John Ibeling says:

    Just discovered this site. Very interesting.

    I’d like to see discs for Frank Thomas 1B; Tris Speaker CF; George Davis SS; Willie Stargell LF; Riggs Stephenson SS; and Ron Santo 3B


  37. Bill Christine says:

    How about a disc for Eddie Gaedel, Bill Veeck’s midget? Since he walked in his only plate appearance, his entire card would be a 9, right?

  38. jimshoop says:

    Do you have ny yankee discs

  39. jim shoop says:

    Do you have NY Yankee discs (old time players)

  40. Ken Fenster says:

    How about adding some pitchers? Especially non-Hall of Famers from the 1950s and 1960s like Bob Friend, Lew Burdette, Roy Face, Don Larsen, etc.



  41. Frank Puzycki says:

    Are there any free pitchers disks. Ones posted on your site seem to all be position players

  42. jeff marnon says:

    Awesome..i bought the 1989 game at a flea market yesterday! ! This is a huge help!

  43. Harry Avers says:

    First and Foremost…..
    Thank you so much for providing these free discs….
    My Roommate and I are about to purchase the 1968 (set 183 ) and were wondering if you have a Phillies and Dodgers Set…..??? any help you could Provide would be most appreciated….

  44. Michael says:

    I have the game and many player discs. I bought a 1980 copy of the game when my original got lost in a move. Problem is, I just discovered the replacement game did not come with the A-E and the F-J discs. Is there any way you could post these discs for download?

  45. Ron Regenwether says:

    Great website and love your selection. I was wondering if you would have any pitchers discs available? I have some in my original game (1958), but could use some more. Thank You!

  46. David says:

    Need Ted Williams, Eddie Yost, Max Bishop please. Trying to acumulate a team of high walkers.

  47. Bill says:

    great (if somewhat simplistic) game; great site. I have my own system, it incorporates pitching, speed, defense, and throwing arms, it’s a “hybrid” between the Sabermetrics-based computer/chart game and the disc/spinner game. obviously I have my own system and my own discs, willing to provide basic info. for anyone interested. I don’t need discs, I DO NEED A DECENT SPINNER! (actually I use two spinners, one for the pitching/defense disc.) By the way, my variation of the game has pickoffs, injuries, everything you can think of; double plays depend on the runners speed and the combined defensive rating of the SS and 2Bman, and you don’t go from first to third on a 1A single with Clemente in right field!! (unless you’re a 3.5 runner) anyway, is there some way I can buy decent spinners, separately?? I’m not about to pay $130 & up for this thing, all I need is a decent spinner!! THANKS for any help-

    • John Devino says:

      I realize I am about a year late. However, I would be interested in learning more about your pitching stats adaptation.

  48. Bob Hirsch says:

    I have been playing all-star baseball 72 years. I just took out my game after 15 years and I missing some players. How do I print out the disks you present? I tried, but they do not print. I tried PDF but they come out too small. I would be happy to donate if I could find out how to print these out.

  49. curt young says:

    dr joe:
    your discs look good and you show engineering insight in your calculations beyond the pale of a guy in the right-brained side of design. i love that your player quality calculator adds in free passes into on-base and total base numbers. my 1958 set had each of those numbers [in degrees of arc] penciled in on each batter disc.
    oh, eddie murray’s last name is misspelled. did i spell that correctly?
    i would prefer that you lump all 10 arcs into 1 arc to minimize inter-arc lines, a source of contention during games! but, what a find.
    your WSJ discs are w__ks of art. is that the WSJ article containing a quote by curt young?
    curt young
    chittenango NY
    kannapolis NC

  50. Jerry greene says:

    How do I get the free discs

  51. Jerry greene says:

    I don’t see any pitchers on your list. Can I order individual pitchers, preferably all star pitchers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s?

  52. Just got the game from my youth on ebay! Love it and love this site. I do a radio show on FOX Sports Radio KRLV 1340Am in Las Vegas, and am going to be talking about the game on the show.

    Wich list for me being from Detroit and a HUGE Baseball Fan:
    Lou Whittaker
    Miguel Cabrerra
    Al Kaline
    Norm Cash
    Bill Freehan (Who should be in the HoF in Cooperstown!)

    • Would also love to see:

      Derek Jeter
      Willie Horton
      Roger Maris
      Duke Snyder (You might have already done Duke?)
      Hank Greenberg (Might have saw this one in your collection as well.)
      Kirk Gibson
      Lance Parish
      David Ortiz
      I know not long term career #’s yet, but still would be fun:
      Mike Trout
      Bryce Harper
      Chris Bryant

      If Pitchers (Although I know it’s a hitters game and small hit areas on cards but would be keeping it real: would love to have a
      Denny McClain
      Mickey Lolich

  53. Randy Brown says:

    I was so happy to see this site; have long wanted to be able to replace the old set from the 50s I got from my older cousin–had Hall of Famers like Babe Ruth, Mel Ott, Ty Cobb, DiMaggio, Tris Speaker, Eddie Collins, Nap Lajoie, Rogers Hornsby, and odd ducks like Gus Zernial (huge “1”). I heard that I can download these and print them for free from your site. Is that true?

  54. Mick says:

    This site appears to have either been shut down or no longer is of interest to folks but I had to try this at least once. Baseball statistics as a basis for discs is a great idea and I’ve always loved this game but I have two comments. Thousands of baseball players from over the entire history of baseball make it impossible to have all the individual discs. Has anyone ever thought to develop discs that would encompass all the players with similar career statistics. Maybe split the players up by giving them a rating number and then using a particular disc for all the players in that rating? If a player hit .250 for his career couldn’t a disc already manufactured suffice if the manufactured disc was of a player with a career batting average of say .240-.265? This is just a suggestion of an appropriate range without any statistical basis to back it up. But I think you all get the idea. Maybe the represented disc could be called a 4S as in singles hitter, with another designation being 4P if the player consistently hit maybe 1 homerun for every 18-20 at bats. It would be cool if all of you out there reading this could comment about which discs might be appropriate for each particular player’s statistical range. Also just like batters have accumulated statistical benchmarks that they can be grouped by, pitchers have also accumulated their own stats. Innings pitched, ERA, strikeouts, hits allowed and HR’s allowed would be good ways to examine which pitchers would be rated into particular categories. Then factoring in durability would be more of a function of going past their average innings pitched per outing. Their pitcher rating could just be used as a factor to reduce or increase the batter’s rating that they are facing. Another category that could be just used to alter a batter’s rating would be the left vs. right consideration. Lefthander pitchers would reduce the effectiveness of left handed batters and aid right handed batters, same with righthanders aiding left swinging batters and hindering right handed batters. These could all just be quick paper-type calculations before each at bat and the accompanying spin. So how about it folks? If you followed all that and have ideas as to which discs would be appropriate for different batter ratings, or could impart how to create discs for batter ratings that were not individual but rather consistent with other players of the same statistical records, shout it out now. If not I’ll just assume that this site which started out so great has just gone dark. Thanks for reading and happy spinning!

  55. Dan T says:

    Have recently resurrected the game I got for Christmas 1969 or 70. Has been in the attic for 3 decades. Made 16 teams of 12 players each and have played 2 tournaments so far. What a blast !
    Only thing better would be to not have to play both sides.

    Thanks for the website and discs – haven’t downloaded yet, but thinking about it.

    • Tony W says:

      Dan T. I am doing the same thing! I made 10 teams with all the discs I have. Each team has nine players – no pitchers. I keep the line ups the same. I made a schedule of 18 games for each team. The top 4 teams make the playoffs. Also I’m keeping stats too. Right now I’m at game 5 for each team. I tried to match names with the teams they played for. I did include my own team with custom discs/stats with players from my softball team. It’s really fun

      • Dan T says:

        Sounds like we are on the same wavelength. I am now halfway through my 3rd tournament. Doing a little experimenting with variations in the game rules. Nothing crazy, just trying to maximize interest. I also made my teams so that the players would be on the team that they really played for – as much as possible. Have a draft at the end of each tournament where each team donates 1 player to the draft pool, then the selections start with the team that finished last. It has the effect of evening out the lineups a little.

        Have also thought about playing a mini-season. Maybe 2 leagues with 8 teams each. Then maybe having each team play each other for a 2-out-of-3 series, with the league winners meeting for a world series. The possibilities seem interesting – and time-consuming.

        How long have you been playing?

  56. Gina Lange says:

    My husband had this game as a child. We have pulled it out and introduced it to our kids. They would love to see popular players for 2016-2017. We live in Kansas City and would love Royals players too. Thanks!

    • Joe says:

      Hey Gina! I am also in KC and LOVE those Royals! … I am a bit under water these days with newborn twins, but will get Sally, Hoz, Moose, LoCain and Gordo on here when I have time.

      Thanks for the comment, and LETS GO ROYALS!

  57. Will Loesch says:

    Does anyone have a Duke Snider disc that they would like to sell to me, have 240+ disks, alas…no Duke Snider…have old 50’s game so need the center where I can cut it out, have 3.5 inch circular punch…

  58. Jeff Yeager says:

    This is awesome stuff. I bought a nice version of Strategic All Star Baseball but it had no rules. Does anybody have this game that could share the rules? I have played the regular game many times. Thanks

    • charlie says:

      Hello Is there life out here for ALLSTAR BASEBALL FANS Please contact me at

      • Jim Hultenius says:

        There is indeed life out here for Cadaco ASB and it’s fans. Here is a link that will give you every disc published by Cadaco from 1941-2004:
        There are also people on E-bay that will print discs for you, but it is fairly pricey. Worth it if you don’t have the time or inclination to print and cut out your own discs. I have probably 1000 discs myself, both original and custom made. If you are looking for individual players that may not be included in any of the original sets, E-Bay is the way. BTW, there is also a yahoo site that has a guy that has put up every all-star player from 2008-16. Nice, colorful discs, the guy did a great job (sorry, forgot his name). If you need any help or links or whatever, you can contact me at:

  59. Heath Hegemann says:

    Do you have a wally post disc?

  60. Heath Hegemann says:

    Do you have a wally post disc? Thanks

  61. Steve Wilensky says:

    To bad that the person(s) that was/were putting out those ‘Free Cadaco All-Star Baseball Career Players’ stopped at ‘Reese, B, Robinson, Rizzuto, Ripken, Rice’ as you cannot get the ‘F. Robinson, Sandberg, Salmon, Rose, J. Robinson’ cards. They were nicely done with the black background with the name and position. I wish it had been completed to the letter Z.

    • Joe says:

      Sorry about that Steve. I have 9 month old twins and a full time job, so time is definitely a bit tight these days… hope to get back to the site one of these days!

      • Steve Wilensky says:

        Hi Joe,

        Completely understand. I remember those days of having 9 month old boy/girl twins myself. These days my adult children can take care of themselves, as there about to become 31 years old. You’re just starting in on the fun.

        Just an FYI, as you seem to already know. They will absolutely take a considerable amount of your time and it might take you a few years until you could have a sliver of time to get back to the site.

        Enjoy your kids!

  62. Bill Smith says:

    Do you have Sammy Sosa….

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